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bunnyfication's Journal

27 April
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  • bunnyfication@livejournal.com
*WORK slightly less eternally IN PROGRESS* :9

stalkerbunny's fanworks journal.

Essential info:
1) Well. It pays to read the warnings on fics, because they might contain adult stuff. Please read responsibly and all that jazz.
And there's yaoi/slash and het, and...sometimes both, because I'm a sucker for threesomes. ^__^.

3) Navigation? follow the yellow brick tags

2) I tend to use x/y in pairing names because I'm a lazy tagger I don't really like to write pairings in a way that makes a certain character always a bottom/top. In some cases I might usually write it a certain way, but the order of names in the tags doesn't signify much.

4) Even if I don't explicitly state it in each post, fanfiction/art = I'm borrowing someone else's characters and/or world, and claim no ownership to it. In the few cases I'm not (OC's, etc.)...well, no problem if you want to borrow, fair's fair. :9

5) Friending: Feel free to do so. Made this journal especially so there'd be some place where my fanworks would be neatly separated from all the other stuff (see stalkerbunny, make them easier to browse and all. I won't friend back with this journal though, since...well, it is just for fanworks, you know? :3

Likewise, you're free to use my art for icons etc. All I ask is credit. And you know, I'd like to see whatever you do too, if possible. ^__^ (And I feel a bit silly even saying this when my art's so mediocre, but wth, eh? >//>;)

Other places to find art by self: keraaminenkettu on DA