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Most of this is from an illustration class in 2012, or even older scribbles. These were from when I was working on character designs for illustrations for Grimm's The Faithful John which I like because it's such a weird and messed up tale.

 photo princessofthegoldenroof_zpscf6ae570.jpg
Only one of the final illustrations I was actually happy with. Supposed to be the fatally beautiful painting of the Princess of the Golden Roof.
Incidentally, later when I was sketching a picture of how human Master's Tardis would look like, I accidentally drew the same design. And then rather liked it. So this has retrospectively become fanart? :9

And some free sketches with ink when I was still trying to find the designs
The Prince
 photo 3m001_zps10a55bc2.jpg

The Princess
 photo 3m005_zps6ca66c91.jpg

 photo 3m004_zps514851d5.jpg

Other things from the same course
 photo 3m009_zps15282078.jpg  photo 66655e85-f324-4651-92ab-aae4d15366b2.jpg

 photo 3m012_zps008926e0.jpg  photo 3m013_zpsef2395e5.jpg

Older stuff
 photo 06b4da5a-a891-42fd-8b56-081dfc96d1ee.jpg

classroom doodle from c.2008 that I really like
 photo twogirls_c_zpsa2657b8c.jpg

more old classroom doodles
 photo Untitled5_zps3e29efea.jpg

princess doodles for some thing that I ended up not doing
 photo Untitled1_zps9c1fdc77.jpg

 photo Untitled4_zps02963adb.jpg

 photo Untitled2_zps567fc36f.jpg

 photo Untitled3_zpsa061672f.jpg

 photo Untitled8_zpsd0500689.jpg

And lastly, moths!
 photo IMG_0003_zps3ca8b295.jpg
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