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[fanart] Who Spam? Who spam.

I finally fixed all the broken links around here~ So now I can post new stuff. :D

artist: stalkerbunny
fandom: Doctor Who
characters/pairings: Shalka!Doctor/Shalka!Master, Alison Cheney, Delgado!Master, Ainley!Master, Simm!Master, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Turlough as a sad pomeranian.

warnings: Ask blog arts contain one vague reference to possible alcoholism/depression. And cut 3 has two moving gifs in the beginning.

Firstly, this one from here @askshalkamaster. In short, an Ainley!Master asked if he could borrow the Doctor.

s!M: "This regeneration is particularly infuriating, I doubt you would enjoy him much."

(Editor’s note: It’s not like he’d be jealous or anything, baka!. Funny story, I didn’t plan that last picture, but then I accidentally drew the Doctor like that on my first attempt of the last panel. Where he was supposed to look all innocent…)

"I know you are now "living" with the Doctor, but I was wondering if you still plan evil plots and make wicked traps for the Doctor to fall in? You know for sentimental reasons."

s!M: "At times the limited scope is discouraging, but I do my best with what is available. Although, no matter what the Doctor tells you, the laundry incident was entirely his own fault. I’ve not been brought so low as to descent to childish pranks.

On the other hand, at times the Doctor makes it all too easy…"

Also, this one in reply to a question about who designed his beard. The Master did.

And I'll just link this one because too lazy

This was essentially a study of Roger Delgado's face from a photo from another role, but I changed his beard style so it'd match the Master's. Because renaissance!Master. ¤3¤

Then I attempted a companion piece with Eight, but McGann's face was v. difficult to draw... anyway not as happy with this one, but it'll do.
other version

Based on:


Also, I was not aware of this gif before someone commented with it on tumblr:

Another based on cat pictures (which I unfortunately lost)
Survival in a Nutshell (With Strawberry Hats):

And one in which characters are actual cats. Or dogs, as the case may be.

Alison is a puli, jsyk

Notes from the first posting:
Time Lord kittens, because of reasons. Mainly the Master being all the cats ever. Also I couldn’t decide if the Doctor should be a cat or a dog, so it depends.

Characters: Delgado!Master, Ainley!Master, one Simm!Master, 3, 4, 5 and 6, Shalka! Master and Doctor, and Alison. The sad looking pomeranian EDIT:was an accident so it can be whoever you want is Turlough.

Comment track:
BFF: I love how Shalka!Cat looks like he’s seriously not amused by any of these felines.
Me: He’s on a leash. That’s why.
BFF: Delgado!Cat is the most distinguished cat.
Me: He is flawless
BFF: And he knows it.
Me: He will get fur all over everything and you had better love it. The universe. Fur everywhere.
BFF: I wonder how many hours a day he spends grooming. And how many times he’s been thwarted because of that.
Me: …many.
And we will not speak of that.

And that, I think, is enough for now. Until next time!
Tags: fanart, fandom:doctor who, pairing:doctor/master
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