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[Marvel fic:] After Silence

Title: After Silence
Author: stalkerbunny
Summary: In one universe, Tony Stark loves music more than engineering and Steve Rogers was a child star. And love can be nice, even if it doesn’t heal all wounds.
Pairings/Characters: Steve/Tony, Hank/Jan, Howard/Maria, Thor, Clint, Wanda, Rhodey, Pepper, Loki Carol, Pietro, T’Challa.
Word Count: 14K
Warnings: Alcoholism of a minor character, child abuse (mainly verbal), drinking and implied drug use (of a minor character).
A/N: So, this was supposed to be a fluffy band!AU, but then Tony’s daddy issues took over the show. Sorry? Also, recipient specifically asked for no heavy drug use, I really hope you don’t consider alcohol a drug…? :’3 As for that one minor character, he probably decided it was a bad idea after the events of the fic (because it made him do something nice, blegh).
Betaread by windwrackedstar who was awesomecakes and did a thorough job on this on very short notice. All the remaining mistakes are all mine. ♥

--that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music
Tags: fandom:marvel comics, fanfic, pairing: hank pym/janet van dyne, pairing: howard stark/maria stark, pairing: steve rogers/tony stark
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