June 11th, 2013

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[fic] Doctor Who genfic for sixathon

Title: The Adventure of the Errant Yeti
Author: stalkerbunny
Fandom, characters: Doctor Who, Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, Kate Stewart (Brig's daughter), Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart (the younger), Mike Yates, Jo Grant, Sixth Doctor, Mel Bush, Liz Shaw.
Warnings: Endangerment of children and fluffy animals (though none are seriously harmed), some knowledge of the homevid Downtime might help (I recommend just reading this article).
Summary: About a year after the events at New World University, the Lethbridge-Stewarts take a trip to the London Zoo. But there's something strange about the yeti there.

A/N: Actually not entirely sure if Battlefield is supposed to happen before or after Downtime, but I decided to go for after. Following Downtime, the Brigadier has recently retired from his job at the school and is living alone in an apartment in the city. I think. Also, Jo and Kate meet Six sometime in the eighties here, so not really compliant with SJA and New Who. Interpret that as you will.

Other notes: Graciously betaread by x_los thanks and bows, any remaining mistakes are my own etc. Special thanks for help with the mysterious British lingo I was lost on (and knew it) :'D. Posting in a bit of a hurry since it's already late and I got to run soon, but I'll try to mop up any remaining mistakes later.

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